Sunday, October 31, 2010

week 7

Just got in the long run again this week. Did 6 miles in 48:36. I deliberately took it easy the first 3 miles, finishing it in 26:24. At 5 miles I was at 41:20 and kicked it up a notch. Felt good to finish strong, but I need to be a little better from the start.


roy said...

I think I'm going to officially commit to the 10k. I need a change of pace in my workouts, and a purpose. I ran over lunch today. Day 1, 2 miles in 16:45. Disheartening? Yes. Exhausting? Yes. Nowhere to go but up? Yes.

The good news is that my wind was the main factor today rather than knee/back/muscle pain. It's about small victories.

I think by the time March rolls around you are going to be under 45 mins. Did you say you plan to run a 10k in the near future? I bet you go can already go under 47.

p.s. - I forgot how much being winded (outside of basketball) sucks.

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