Friday, January 6, 2012

say hello to the New Year, same as the old year

1. Started the year off alone and cold when M* and the kids rolled out to Chicago, leaving me to walk the streets of Ann Arbor in a delightful bit of weather called "wintry mix" that we don't have in Texas. Wintry mix is when every form of cold and wet happens at once. Usually windy, too.

2. Six months of dealing with bullshit at U of M. Hope I make it. I was asked to cover for someone last minute due to exceedingly poor planning on the parts of several people. When I emailed the HNIC asking for details about this new duty that I'd never performed before (e.g., how long should I plan for this to take, what do I actually do, and so forth) and gave the reason for asking (i.e., my other duties didn't stop for this and I need to plan my busy day) the response I got was "We are all busy. You will know how to do it after you do it." Wow. Fuck this place.

3. It was 48 degrees this evening. I'm being cheated of my one chance at a legit winter.

4. If anyone who reads this is ever applying for a state medical license and hears from someone that using FCVS is a good idea because it will make things smoother, please know that this is completely false. Those fuckers are ruining my career right now.

5. House hunting is fun over the internet, but I'm sure to get fucked in the end. I'm not real good at "life."

6. My neighbors above me are fucking right now. Their rhythm sucks.

7. My prediction for Texas's final record was pretty spot on. I even predicted them winning the Holiday Bowl, albeit I was way off on the opponent and Oregon would have murderized this team.

8. Vegas is paying 30:1 on Texas to win it all next year. If I had $10k to lose I'd take that bet. The schedule sets up nicely with only KSU, OU, and WVU likely to cause major problems.

9. Looking at #7 I was also pretty right about Baylor, though a retarded monkey could have picked up the things I said about them. Crashing back to earth next year though.

10. Texas just lost their best WR recruit, Thomas Johnson, who will probably end up at Oregon. He's a big time player, but when you can have a lot of success with Nate Jones as your primary WR, you've proven that elite WRs aren't one of the biggest keys for a successful team. Hell, Matt Millen proved that with the Detroit Lions. Well, I suppose he proved a corrollary, which is that the presence of elite WRs does little to nothing to overcome deficiencies in other positions on the field.

11. Shit, meant to stop at 10.