Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shit I forgot to post about in the shit I forgot to post about post

1. I fully endorse the following websites:
backcountry.com, steepandcheap.com, runningwarehouse.com

2. My new upstairs neighbors fuck on average 3 times a day. Once at around 10:30, once around 1 a.m., and once around 6 a.m. Like clockwork.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

40 weeks to go

This post could have been titled "Shit I keep forgetting to post about".

1. Some kid in Phenie's class is teaching her about Justin Bieber. I ever meet this kid, he's history.

2. Elliott can cuss. Like a sailor. My bad.

3. There's a girl who is occasionally at my bus stop leaving work in the afternoons who is pretty attractive in that Omelettry waitress kind of way. Too much metal in her face for my tastes, but, you know, attractive. She has a lower back (i.e., just above ass crack) tattoo that says in script font "Built for hours of fucking." You know, classy.

4. I love fall. I always have, even in Texas, but up here it's a legitimate season.

5. I may stab one of the residents in the eye if she keeps paging me every 30 minutes for updates on EEGs on patients who haven't had a seizure in days.

6. Actually, I may stab her anyway.

7. I've started running again. I tried a knee brace for a few days, but still got twinges in the right knee despite not going more than a mile and a half. I did some more investigating and decided that I over-pronate when I run. I decided to try getting some legit running shoes with good support instead of the cheapest shoes I could find, which is my usual m.o. I bought some Mizuno support shoes and they seem to be working. They are noticeably heavier than my cheap Adidas, though. I continued to do some reading and decided I also had knee pain from iliotibial band syndrome. So I started doing some specific stretches and exercises. I'm also taking this running program much more slowly than my last venture. I'm doing a slow pace, 30-minute run twice a week. I've been hitting 2.5 to 2.8 miles each time. I'm also jumping rope twice a week for 20 minutes. I've read this can strengthen the arches of my feet which might help with the knee pain as well. It also lets me do some cardio with less range of motion at the knee, thus less risk of aggravating the ITBS. So far so good. Every once in a while I still feel a little burn in the knee, but nothing like it was.

8. Aggies fell apart against Okie State. LOL. Why they didn't come out in the second half and simply run Gray and Michael to victory, I'll never know. They've got two all-conference backs and a very solid OL. They also have a relatively weak and slow secondary (especially with their best DB not playing due to injury). The strategy has got to be "grind clock and avoid turnovers."

9. Texas looked great against UCLA, but I hesitate to get too excited about the season yet. OU, Okie State, and the Ags are all still likely to kill the Horns. Baylor's offense is looking very tough, though I think they're win over TCU is fool's gold since TCU has their worst team of the last 5 years. Still, it's good for Texas that they play Baylor at the end of the season when their comfort with the new offense and defense should be at it's highest.

10. RG3 for Heisman, btw.
Passing Yards PCT YPA Long TD INT Sacks Rating
70/82 962 85.4 11.73 66 13 0 2 236.2
18/116 6.4 35 0

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I choose YOU!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

43 weeks to go (or thereabouts)

So I failed to get my college football post done in time to really embarrass myself, but I'll go ahead with it now anyway.
1. Prior to the Rice game I would have predicted Texas to go 8-4 this season. After the Rice game I predict 7-5 at best and 6-6 a real possibility.
2. The defense was worrisome, especially the linebacker play and the secondary support against the run. Keenan Robinson in particular looked out of place on several plays that cost them 4-5 yards a pop.
3. Whenever I watch Fozzy play I always feel like he did pretty good, but when I look at the stats he's always averaging like 3 yards a carry. Yes, Malcolm, it's your turn now. I would keep Fozzy in that wildcat role though. That looked promising as hell.
4. Gilbert sucks less than last year but he will cost them any chance to win a game they shouldn't against OU, Okie State, or the Aggies. Late and low on intermediate routes, high heat on short routes, and flat and long on deep routes. Bone head behind the head toss to Fozzy in middle of an avoidable sack. He did complete a two nice deep balls (two of five) and had a nice off schedule run for 20+, but that's not going to be there against stiffer competition.
5. Malcolm Brown is a stud. At least as good as Benson as a freshman.
6. Tucker is a choad.
7. Gideon needs to be replaced. Start Phillips at safety and have him roll to nickelback when Gideon or Brewster comes in for the nickel package. Alternatively bring in a guy like AJ White and have Diggs roll to Nickel.
8. Kick coverage was awful.
9. Kick return was marginally better than kick coverage.
10. Punt return may have been worse than kick coverage but was light years better than last year.

I also caught the second half of the BYU game.
1. They are weak against power running plays and their offense was very inconsistent.
2. Like Rice they have some bigger receivers who could spell trouble for the Texas midgets.
3. Texas will have to do a better job of getting to the QB next week because when he has time Heaps can kill you.

Went to the Michigan game on some free tickets.
1. If I were racist this is the joke I would make: The Big House was designed by Mexicans -- 80,000 seats for 100,000 people.
2. Since I'm not, this is the joke I'll make: The Big House must have been designed by the guy who makes clown cars, because they stuff 100,000 fatasses into seating for 80,000 small children.
3. Michigan is in for a long year on defense.
4. Denard Robinson is fast. Real fast. Too bad he's one of like 3 legit players on that team.
5. Loitering seems to be a big part of the Michigan gameday experience. I mean, during the game there were thousands of people just milling about in the concourse and by the gates. It really seemed like they didn't care there was a game going on. Not what I expected at all.
6. At the Texas-OU game the number of hot chicks belies description. At the University of Michigan vs Western Michigan University the paucity of hot chicks does the same. I saw one attractive girl in the whole place.
7. I took Phenie with me. She almost passed out from the heat. Yeah, good call Dr. Dad.

Saw the first half of the Baylor game.
1. RG3 and Kendall Wright would start for almost any program in the country and will both be in the NFL.
2. Kendall Wright is an annoying shithead that I would rather not see playing for Baylor.
3. That thick senior RB was impressive as hell.
4. Why didn't Mack Brown try to poach Baylor's OL coach for some Texas recruiting consistency? I'm happy, so far, with Searels, but this seems like a pretty simple equation.
5. TCU is fucked. Disregarding the downgrades they took on the offensive side of the ball, their defense sucked.
6. Baylor's defense wasn't doing a hell of a lot either.
7. Baylor will beat Texas unless the Longhorns offense can keep the ball out of the hands of Griffin, Wright, and company.

Still waiting on that TAMU-SMU game. SMU might surprise with their offense this year and the Aggies always seem over-rated to start the year.

Big12 Champ: OU (sucks)
National Champ: Bama over Stanford 48-13
Boise state goes undefeated and wins the Rose Bowl over Wisconsin
USC has a losing record.
ND does after losing their bowl game to go 6-7.
Texas goes 7-5 and wins the Holiday Bowl against Oregon.
Gilbert starts the whole season but Ash gets 15 snaps a game from OU onward.

That Aggie vs SMU game would have been interesting if Padron hadn't dug that early hole with Gilbertesque INTs. Both were simply terrible throws and the second could have been a big gain if it had been an accurate ball. Aggies look legit on offense but their secondary lacks speed and their LBs looked weak. They should still finish second in the Big12 and beat Texas this year. It will be sweet watching them in a rebuilding year their first year in the SEC -- new QB, lose best WR, best RB, and six starters on D.