Monday, August 15, 2011

46 weeks to go

1. Took the kids to Chicago over the weekend. They were total brats the whole time and I was pretty embarassed by their behavior. Also, couldn't sleep.

2. Work is pretty boring right now. I'm actually looking forward to doing something a little more hard core in a couple weeks.

3. Two job interviews later this week. One in Fort Worth that I don't think is a winner and one in Rockwall that I think might be.

4. The Aggies trying to ruin college football. Assholes.

5. Next week will by my annual "moron's view of the Texas Longhorns" post.

6. It's so easy to eat shitty food when you don't impose categorical constraints.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

47 Weeks to Go

1. Life is much better when I'm not on call every other day. That shit was brutal. I do it again in 3 weeks. Damn.

2. Took the kids paddle boating around the Huron River. The little cove where the dock is is completely grown in with weeds so paddling was brutal. The weeds kept getting wrapped around the tiller, too, so we couldn't steer. It was fun though, once we got out into the more open river water.

3. I have 3 interviews lined up -- Rockwall, Fort Worth, and Corpus. I'm waiting to hear back from the biggest group in Dallas. They have a nice hospitalist spot that I think would be perfect.

4. Trying to come up with a realistic salary expectation is difficult because there is so much disinformation around the intergoogles.

5. I'm trying to run Spotify through Wine on my linux system. There's a certain level of incompatibility there that makes Spotify just stop randomly. Very annoying.

6. Spotify on Windows is the shit, however. Any song ever recorded on demand at any time. It's beautiful. Rdio is just as good but lacks a free, ad-supported option. I can't comment on the two with regard to mobile use, but most people claim that is where spotify really shines.

7. Ten years was enough. I'm rejoining the carnivore clan. I'm skinny as hell and don't want to be one of these complete and total feebs when I'm old. I have trouble getting enough protein to gain muscle mass without eating a lot of expensive supplement bars and shakes. It feels wrong to eat this far more heavily processed crap just to avoid eating meat. There are still lots of reasons to be vegetarian, but for now pass the A1.

8. Elliott keeps saying we live in "Mexican." This is fine except when he gets mad at me and says "I hate Mexican" in a crowded public area.