Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's nice to see what's going on

After Ojo moved on to college and was out of the house for a few years tensions between dad and him really eased up. They were able to relax a little and share certain joys of life, like cigarettes. One night when Ojo was home visiting he and dad went to the back porch to smoke. Ojo hadn't yet gotten his best Christmas gift ever, or maybe he was just out of Zippo fluid. At any rate, he asked my dad for a match. To which my dad replied, far too quickly, "My ass and your face. That's a match." Ojo was stunned by this middle-school sweet burn.


Snake Diggity said...

LMMFAO! Never heard about that one. It. Is. Awesome.

roy said...

Side note: I just checked my e-mail and at the top of the list was an e-mail from tu There was a moment of panic as I instantly thought he had come upon your blog, found a list of the readership and was going to systematically hunt us all down. Then I realized he was just responding to everyone from an e-mail that Donaloo had sent out.

I will live to see another day.

Ojo Rojo said...

I had forgotten that one. It caught me completely off guard. I don't think I even laughed about it at the time. It's funny now, though.

Snake Diggity said... Awesome. Also, my word verification is "calingus".

llogg said...

Roy, that's hilarious. But don't get too comfy, there's always that possibility.