Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More like copper

My dad could be described as financially conservative. If you were trying to win Understatement of the Year. Very averse to risk and debt, he and my mom didn't buy much extra when we were kids. All their friends had boats and nice cars and whatnot, but they didn't care. In fact they scoffed at all these people "living beyond their means".
One time, not too long ago, Ojo asked dad about this philosophy versus the spend-spend-spend philosophy. His question was basically, at what point does denying yourself these things become worth it in comparison to those who were buying things when they wanted them rather than waiting for the time they could afford them. Dad's answer was pretty glum. "If you're us, it never pays off." My dad, Eeyore the mortgage lender.


Snake Diggity said...

These are awesome. LMAO!

Ojo Rojo said...

For some reason, I don't remember this. It's spot-on though. Dad is one tight dude.

*shaking head*

I never really agreed with it, for the record. Too extreme. You've got to recognize the world you live in and play along to a degree. If you don't there are consequences. That's all I'm saying.

llogg said...

Maybe it was Snake, but I'm pretty sure you told this one to me. I've never agreed with the deny yourself philosophy either, in theory, but I do agree that it never pays off, especially if you're us.
What really sucks is I'm the same way. I can just barely bring myself to spend more than $20 to go out to eat, with my whole family. Forget about buying a house or a car.