Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a pretty face

I'm pretty sure this comes from our trip to the San Antonio zoo when we were kids. I remember two things about this trip: 1. It ended in a deluge with us taking shelter under an interstate overpass like a bunch of Katrina refugees; 2. This quote. We were going through the primate exhibit when we got to a baboon cage. My dad says, pretty loudly, "That monkey's got a bad case of redass!" My mom was embarassed, but we laughed our asses off at that.


Snake Diggity said...

Dang, you reached way back for that one. I don't understand why we changed under that overpass. Why didn't we pull into a covered gas station or something?

Ojo Rojo said...

I remember all of this vividly. I think the red-assed animal was a mandrill; the ones with the blue faces. What sucked for me is that I was looking forward all day to the petting zoo - I thought we were going to get to pet and feed exotic animals. They gave you an ice cream cone filled with animal food for free to feed the animals, which I thought was really cool. We had just gotten our food cones and were heading to the petting zoo when the downpour started. It was like a flash flood and we were all soaked because of the distance we had to run to the car. I think the flooded roads contributed to the reason we changed under the overpass. I think there might've been a couple of other funny episodes having to do with monkeys and masturbation or feces, but I can't remember them.