Wednesday, October 1, 2008

fascinated by failure

As part of a wedding present from my mom to my then-fiance, my mom went through all the pictures she had of me, from age zero to present. My parents were visiting a couple years ago and my mom found the album she had given my wife. She started talking about how it felt going through all those old pictures. "I thought Dad was going to lay down and cry," she said, implying that my dad was so touched by memories of my youth that he was nigh overcome with emotion.
I think my dad was a little embarassed at this disclosure of his emotional state. So he replied with "Made me want to lay down and DIE." The implication of which I'm still not quite sure.


roy said...

for some reason, i find this to be one of the funniest ones yet. i think it's your closing thought that does it.

Ojo Rojo said...


This falls into a category of fairly rare happenings - instances of a wife embarrassing her husband by revealing some intimate or emotional detail. Once, I was with this old retired and distinguished lawyer and his wife. The wife offhandedly told me that her husband was very shy and wouldn't even get undressed in front of her after over forty years of marriage. I'm pretty sure he heard, but he didn't respond in any way. I didn't react to it either, but internally I was horrified.

I'm not really sure what dad meant by this, either. I'm with you - he was probably embarrassed a bit and had to say something to play it off. Maybe he tried to say it like she had heard him say that he was going to cry and he made like she misheard him the first time and came up with a rhyming word that could plausibly be mistaken for 'cry.' In any event, I think it's pretty clear that dad is more sentimental than you might think for a guy who says shit like, "Fuck the cripples!"

Snake Diggity said...

I'm fairly certain he was referring to how old looking at those pictures made him feel.

llogg said...

roy--I like this one, too. Not that I think I was especially funny, but I like that I feel like I'm being fair to my dad on this one.

Ojo--"I think it's pretty clear that dad is more sentimental than you might think for a guy who says shit like, "Fuck the cripples!"" Exactly. That's what I was going for in this post, because it shows him being sentimental but he still tries to make it a "fuck the cripples" situation.

snake--yeah, I'm sure that's what he meant, but I thought it was funny to think of his memories of our time together when I was small and loveable made him want to die. Was it because of regret or horror or what?