Wednesday, July 30, 2008

makes you wonder what they're up to

Another one that's not totally unique, but that certainly colors the picture of my dad.


Snake Diggity said...

From the early years.

Ojo Rojo said...

Lifted straight out of Pawpaw's trove.

I got a new one just a couple of weeks ago. "Pinks." Context: When bait shrimp die and start to rot they turn pink. One weekend we had left some live shrimp in a bait bucket suspended in the water and we had to go get them out before leaving. When we got down there dad lifted the bait bucket up, looked inside and then dumped everything out into the water. When he got back to the truck I asked him if any were still alive. He said, "Nope. Just pinks."

I thought that was pretty funny.