Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's like trying to forget the H-bomb!

Apparently there's an undertaker in my hometown who doesn't like my dad. I know this because my dad expressly said "If I die, don't take me to him. He might try to cut my dick off or something." As he said it he made a slicing motion with his hand. The fact that he was not kidding in the slightest made it all the funnier. Someone else will have to remember how this came up in conversation.

This post got bumped up the order after Snake brought it up in the comments last week.


allbilly said...

I think this comment says alot about your dad's concept of heaven is.

llogg said...

That's pretty funny, billy. Honestly, I never saw what the big deal was. When I'm dead, any sick fuck that wants to chop off my dick can go right ahead. I mean, I've got no further use for it. He can shove it up my cold, lifeless ass for all I care. I just hope I don't die cold -- shrinkage and all. Sex organs may not follow you into the afterlife, but I'm pretty sure embarassment does.