Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the Sam Snead of music!

I wish I had been present for this one. Snake and my dad were out at the site of my uncle's new house. They were helping out with some landscaping or construction or something. I think there was a family function like Thanksgiving or a big football game or something that night, so my Dad wanted to hurry up and get done. My aunt, whom my Dad never seemed to care for all that much, kept whining about some nonsense or other, delaying the departure to whatever my dad wanted to get to.
When they finally get to leave, my dad pantomimes a conversation with my aunt for Snake. He gets one of his patented "utter disgust" faces and begins, staring into an empty area as if she were there. "I just wanted to say to her, 'You listen here, you silly little bitch.'" This is the one I imaging my wife says about me most often when I'm not around.


Snake Diggity said...

Actually, I wasn't exactly present. This was all relayed later on by Pops. They had been moving shit and on the road for like 20 straight hours, and Dad was f'n exhausted. They get to the site where UP's house was being built, and AS starts inspecting the builders' work and complaining about some very minor cosmetic flaw. At 11pm. On a worknight. After a 20 road trip and fulls days work. It was everything Dad could do not to rip her larynx out. He gets home, and I'm still awake. He looked homeless, like he could barely stand, but he proceeds to get into character to tell Mom and me about his trip. He held "uberdisgust face" for like 45 minutes. I thought it was going to freeze like that.

"YOU LISTEN HERE....YOU...SILLY...LITTLE....BITCH. Get. Your FUCKING. Ass. In that FUCKING. Truck. and wait...for get done with what we're doing."

It was awesome. But at the time I was too scared to laugh.

Ojo Rojo said...

This one ocurred after I moved out of the house, so I wasn't any part of it. There was a while there that I thought he might actually say something like this to her. Thankfully, she's gotten a lot cooler and dad has mellowed some too, so the tension isn't like it used to be.