Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a lot of birthdays to keep track of

This is another quote directed at Jessie. (Remember to read that as JehhsIEEEE.)

I can't remember how she came up in the conversation. I think she had recently barged in on a family event as is her wont and a couple days later my dad and I had gone to Mamaw and Pawpaw's for something and were driving home together. Dad started talking about Jessie's flaws and quirks, describing her mountains of videotaped soap operas and her herd of semi-tame cats. He mentioned that she was bad with money but that she had enough from a trust fund of sorts that she should never want. The problem, he felt, wasn't that she would outspend her means. No, the problem was that she couldn't be bothered to take the trust fund check mailed to her home, endorse it, and take it to the bank for deposit so she could use that money. The way he put it was, "She can't decide whether to eat another twinkie or deposit her check so she can pay bills. That's a big decision for her." I'm certain that's almost a direct quote from a fairly meaningless conversation 20 years ago. Be careful what you say around your kids, they remember the most random shit.


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My questions is, what the fuck is Jessie going to do now? Her biannual social outlet just moved away.