Tuesday, June 28, 2011

random thoughts from my first few days in Michigan

1. "Yes, I dented the rain gutter with this big ass truck. You don't exercise or eat enough vegetables. So, we've both made mistakes, but mine won't lead to early stroke and heart attack. You. Fat. Fucking. Cow."

2. "Sure, Father-in-law, it sounds like a great idea to take you sight-seeing in downtown Ann Arbor in a giant fucking truck. I'm sure nothing bad will happen, like running into a rain gutter because you said I was clear while backing up."

3. The only nice people I've encountered in Ann Arbor have been my apartment manager and a waitress.

4. I shouldn't have come. I'm endangering the mission. If the mission is being able to sleep and be happy, I mean.

5. First shit I took in new apartment was too much for the toilet to handle. I guess everything really is bigger in Texa(n)s.

6. Aside from the people, Ann Arbor is awesome. Lush green everywhere, highs in the 80s, hundreds of fireflies at night.

P.S. Changed sidebar video.


Demi said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I just started mine and am getting around to post a similiar random thoughts post on my boss

Snake Diggity said...

Dude. So...you gotta delete your FB page because you're skeered of somebody seeing something offensive, but you can keep the blog with the "Vagina ain't handicapped" vid? No entiendo.

Secondly, LMMFAO. Shit is sick.

I'm sure shit'll get better. Until winter.

Speaking of cold-ass winters, dude, don't move to fucking Maine. I don't want to get left behind to hear mom incessantly bitch about how far away you are for the next 20 years. I also want to see your kids more than once every other year.

llogg said...

There's at least a thin veil of anonymity here. I know anyone who wants to spend any amount of time at all could link this blog to me, but it would take more effort than googling my name. Facebook is just right out there. Plus, deleting this blog is useless given google cache.

Nothing keeping you from moving to Maine, homes. Maybe mom and dad will move up there since they loved that vacation so much.

(We are probably NOT moving to Maine, fyi. Just keeping options open.)