Monday, September 6, 2010

week 2 part 1

Took 3 days off for the trip to POC mainly because my right knee hurt like hell and was swollen. Felt better yesterday but stayed off it just to be sure. Did my 3 mile run today and am now icing it and feeling like a dumbass. Treadmill run in 20:44. No strength today because some kids were over-running the weight room. I'll catch that up tomorrow. I'll probably go back to alternating running and lifting days with one day off until me knee gets better. This week I'll probably do 2 days lifting in a row to get an extra day between runs.


Jacob said...

Needs update.

I have been doing 3 miles twice a week on Town Lake. Some SERIOUS talent down there, which makes the commitment easy to keep. Since all 3 of us are running with regularity, we should make a point of the Cap10k.

I haven't been running fast, since I'm in a group with 2 other people. Our pace is ~8min/mi., but I think if I was busting my ass, I could do 3 miles in 23 minutes. I'd like to get my 10k time in under 40 minutes, but would have to step up my training in a MAJOR way...what's your end game goal for 6.2? I think I finished the 2008 Cap10k in 54 minutes.

llogg said...

I'm going to assume you meant you'd like to get your 10k under 50 minutes. That's my goal right now. That's 8 min/mile for the 6.2 miles. Under 40 minutes is doable, but would require training 6 days a week with significant emphasis on speed work at least once a week. I mean, that's less than 7 min/mile.

Jacob said...

Right. When I was running virtually every night in Iraq, I was doing 3 miles in 20 minutes. But I was hauling ass and there's NO way I could've kept that pace for 4 miles, much less 6. 50 minutes is solid, 45 would be really good, and 40 would completely badass. What's crazy is that the freaks who win those things run in under 35.