Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Things I learned or re-learned this weekend

(Sorry for the delay, technical issues)
1. My grandmother is a badass. Seriously. She just had her chest cracked open and sewn shut with wires, she had a tube down her throat, she was getting zero pain medication, and she was smiling at me. Damn.
2. My dad's conservatism trumps his intelligence. "I'm not convinced CO2 emissions are causing global warming." Okay...anything else I should take off the discussion menu: evolution, round Earth, the fact that rain is when Zeus beats off to Redtube clips of Ceres while Hera's in the shower and his seed spills down on us?
3. My mom has issues. She treated her eldest sister like a child. She treated her other sister's husband like a child. She treated her husband like a stranger. She refuses to acknowledge that her lifelong adequacy issues with regard to her older sister color their relationship to this day. She refuses to see that my dad is getting the short end of the stick in their relationship now. In her mind nothing has changed in their relationship since 1983, when in reality things have gone 180.
4. In 10 years I'll be my parents' only child with hair.
5. UT-Houston is not the flood-ravaged mess I visited on med school interviews.
6. Houston is not the dirty confusing mess I've always thought of it as since my initial foray as a driver at age 18.
7. Opera mini is a better web browser for my cell phone than the default browser, but still not the greatest.
8. Google maps cell phone app is far superior to the default map application provided by Sprint, but still far inferior to the true Google maps.
9. I might be on board with the iPad after all, though the name still sucks.
10. I like to have 10 items instead of 9 in a list.


Ojo Rojo said...

1. SUPER badass.

2. I think the same could be said for almost every conservative. To be fair, though, I'm not sure that CO2 emissions are causing global warming either. Global warming has happened in cycles throughout the history of the earth (along with cycles of global cooling). There were no CO2 emissions causing it then. CO2 emissions could be speeding the natural process or causing an unnatural heating cycle where one would not be occurring, sure, but I'm just saying I'm not convinced that's the only or even main cause. There's at least the possibility that activism is tainting the science here.

3. Tough break.

4. Is Snake going bald?

6. It has some good parts.

llogg said...

2. I don't think anyone is suggesting that global warming is entirely the cause of CO2 emmissions, only that it is a contributing factor that we actually have control over.

11. Forgot to mention Uncle Teddy's belief that current medical practice is dictated by a conspiracy to perpetuate disease through treatments rather than cures.

llogg said...

11. Also, if you want an exercise in futility attempt to explain oncogenesis to Uncle Teddy sometime.

Jacob said...

I'm late to this post, but here goes:

1. *sigh*
2. Agree.
3. Agree, especially about Dad. He's getting hosed right now.
4. WTF buddy? That's fucked up, man.
5. I still pretty much hate Houston, but I'd live there if you paid me $200k/yr.
6. See above.
7. Haven't gotten into it.
8. Google shit has been pretty badass, but I am having trouble getting used to Gmail vs Yahoo! Mail.
9. Overrated niche item.
10. Me too.

Jacob said...

No more postee?