Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things I wish I had done for the last time, but probably haven't*

1. Gone to work early in the morning with a King Kong hangover.
2. Laughed at a racist joke.
3. Two chicks at once.
4. Lost my shit in front of my kids.
5. Failed to see how badass my life is.

* It is entirely possible that I have not only never done one of these things in the past, but that the chance of my doing it in the future is somewhere between zero percent and no fuckin' way.


llogg said...

I should point out that this list would be a lot longer but I only had the idea after reading Ojo's comment to last week's post and threw it together.

Snake Diggity said...

1. Surprisingly, even though I drink as often and as much as I ever have, I don't really do this anymore. If I have a hangover, I don't go to work. Having a job you don't care about has it's privileges.
2. I know. It's like it's a part of my goddam DNA. I hate it.
3. overrated.
4. What do you mean, like lose your temper? If so, yep, that SUCKS. If you
5. Wanna trade?