Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bovine Spongiform Revengcephalopathy

I know where they research the madness of cows
Misshapen proteins
Misshaping the brains
I know who deserves the resulting sponge holes
Yellow car driving
Yellow heart beating
I know how to mix prions with Mickey D's
Savory toxin
Savoring the sin
I know when pores make mind flow retardedly
Delayed my revenge
But it would be fucking sweet.


Snake Diggity said...


Snake Diggity said...

Dude, this is some SERIOUSLY funny shit. I want to link this on Facebook but I'm afraid a bunch of family members will see it and it will get back to Dad. What say you?

Snake Diggity said...

Moses/Pepper 2012...


llogg said...

That Pepper account is awesome. Also, I'd rather you copy-paste than link on facebook.

Snake Diggity said...

Where my poems at?

Snake Diggity said...

So you're not gonna blog AT ALL?! C'mon doggie.