Thursday, December 18, 2008

[awkward silence]

This is yet another quote I know only from hearsay, but I've always liked it. To have a passing familiarity with my dad is to trust that he does not sit around at home in a recliner communing with the spirits of Motown. To really know the man, however, is to have seen him kicked back in his dead grandmother's orange recliner full of jelly beans, a beer in his lap, his eyes closed, letting the velvet tones of Marvin Gaye and Al Greene wash over him. Snake happened to be present during one of these episodes. I don't think Dad knew he was there or maybe he just didn't care. At any rate, he's sitting there engrossed in the rhythm and blues and says out loud to the ghost of Marvin Gaye and his own passing youth, "Sing it, brother."

P.S. Make sure you tune in next week for the famous afraidtofail Christmas special!

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Snake Diggity said...


Dad didn't know I was there. What was funny is that I was already in high school, so I knew enough to know that Dad listening to Marvin Gaye and Al Green was funny. Especially funny because he was REALLY enjoying it. It made me wonder about Dad's past; like I can see him sitting around with the Black Panther's Austin Chapter in '74 and shit.

Dad listens to Motown...hmm.