Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Not sure if this referred to my Uncle Danny, the coon-ass loud-mouth who constantly berated and talked shit about his kids and wife, or my dad's friend Danny from high school whom my mom didn't like very much. Either way, it's my dad's code for "I need to defecate."


desert boy said...

the latter was not well liked by my mom, either.

Ojo Rojo said...

It was the latter. Calling someone a bowel movement, for our dad, is way too fraternal for it to be our uncle.

Funny story - He once had some sort of prostate or bladder issue and had to go to the doctor for it. I was standing in the room with him, his wife and my mom and dad when they asked him about his condition. He said, "Yeah, the doctor said we're going to have to suck it dry every night..." His wife snorted, "Yeah, right." I laughed me ass off. I was like 14.