Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Greatest Hits 2005-2012

I'm going to start a series of posts highlighting the posts on my various blogs throughout the years that still make me laugh. My wife thinks I'm an incredible narcissist because I go back and read things I wrote. I don't think that's true. I think I'm go back and read things I wrote because I'm an incredible narcissist. Also, that intro will not be in Llogg's Greatest Blogging Hits vol. 2.
Medical Vocab Lesson #2 w/bonus lame pun!
Psoriasiform (sorry-ass-a-form) adj: resembling psoriasis; regular acanthosis, parakeratosis and absence of the granular cell layer; slang: resembling something sorry-ass
Used in a sentence: One could characterize both the rash on my genitalia and my performance on the last exam as psoriasiform.
To my wife: Just kidding about the rash.
Unless she exPUNges me Excyst - v. intransitive, to emerge from a cyst, as protozoal sporozoites emerge from cysts to become trophozoites
If I were an infectious human parasite with a tropism for cardiac muscle I might say to my wife, "I only excyst in your heart," after she had contracted me by the fecal-oral route.

Hah! I kill me. That was a classic "groaner" for those not well-versed in the comedic arts. I know. THESE are the hits? They'll get better. Probably.

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